Some lovely feedback ....

"Thank you for a very enjoyable and instructive Agrohomeopathy Conference weekend. I met one or two people I knew from before and met some new interesting people for sure. More importantly the subject matter opened some new insights for me and I shall be following up with applications ... In particular I should thank you and your team for the excellent food and hospitality which made a very positive impact on all attending."

"Thanks again for the inspiring meeting."

"Thanks again for organising the inspiring conference on agrohomeopathy! It was great to meet all the interesting people and to feel the creative energy and the special atmosphere of the location."

"Thanks again for a fantastic weekend. I learned a lot and it was great to meet everyone."

"Fascinating conference."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Thank you very much!! I think it was a raging success." 

"Thanks again for all you did for us (conference) and for me (hospitality)."

"Congratulations again for agrohomeopathy congress, we think was a successfull and we're really happy to be a part of this congress."

"Thank You very much for the nice days on Your beautiful land!"

"The whole conference has been amazing ..."

"Fantastic weekend ..."

"That was a brilliant conference, thank you. It was wonderful to hear about all the research and approaches and about Considera which is a fantastic resource ... it was fascinating to hear about all the things you are doing"

"I wanted like to thank you for the good meeting and for your kind hospitality. Many thanks for your hard work.  I hope that this meeting will give us a lot of fruits in the future. I was very happy knowing you and all the people at the meeting. I look forward to good relations between delegates."